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Ajmer Nagar Nigam

Established in year 1866, Ajmer Municipal Corporation is the oldest municipal body of Rajasthan. First chairman of the then Council was Major Davidson. In Rajasthan Ajmer Municipal Corporation is only local Municipality in which Chairman of the Council Were Britishers from the year 1866-1939. During this period of 73 years only 2 Indians Shri G.K. Khandekar and shri Hemchand Sogani Were the Indian Chairman for a Permian of 3 Years each. During the year 1942-1946 , Seth Bhagchand Soni was Chairman of the council. He was Awarded with a degree of Sir Rai Bhadur by the British government. As the Ajmer Municipal Corporation was one of the oldest municipality and administered by the British, the acts and by-laws of the then Bombay Municipal Council were also prepared after studying the acts and by-laws of Ajmer Municipal Council.